digital commerce, sustainability & data


Make your company fit for the future with our latest trend report. We will show you the most important trends and recommendations from digital commerce, sustainability, and data that will position your business for 2023 and beyond.

chapter 1


What will customers need in Web 3.0?

Customer Loyalität

Customer Loyalty in Digital Commerce

A good customer experience is essential for a company's success

Phygitales Shpooung

Phygital Shopping

The best of the physical and digital worlds merge to create a unique experience


Metaverse and E-Commerce

The metaverse will sustainably change the relationship between people and brands 

Chapter 1, Key Learnings
Learn how the metaverse is changing the relationship between people and brands and what will shape customer loyalty in Web 3.0.
Chapter 2


"Our trend report shows you how to set up your company and business model sustainably based on circular D2C , sustainable webdesign and conscious e-commerce . Practical examples include small measures in web design already having a big effect, so that digital customer experiences are significantly optimized. Circular business models support not only in creating entrepreneurial values but also in offering customers new opportunities."

Chapter 2, Key Learnings
For your business strategy, get an overview of how circular D2C can support the connection between creating business values and transitioning to a sustainable economy.

Karine Rübner

Head of Sustainability


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chapter 3


Learn how your business can capitalize more on data. Find out about the opportunities synthetic data offers and how you can better prepare your business for a future without advertising cookies.


Data Driven Culture

To be able to use data for new business ideas, you need a culture that allows innovation and motivates teams

Data as a Product

While real data is often not very meaningful and more uncertain, synthetic data can solve (almost) all these problems


Consentfree Tracking

Third-party cookies are coming to an end. But instead of relying on consent-free tracking, companies should fundamentally rethink their data strategies